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Was LSD really like Christ in America as Neem Karoli Baba phrased it in the book ‘Be Here Now’ by Ram Dass? Possibly. Like many others who took to the spiritual path I was once inspired to take LSD back in 1981. I was with Dr. Duncan Blewett when I took my first hit of LSD windowpane. Duncan was well regarded by many - well known and advanced in his knowledge about psychedelics. He was a fine guide for me that evening. My journey began. After the trip I inquired about meditation and yoga. In time I began to experience the same freedom and vision from those practices that I was inspired to glimpse during my first trip on acid. However, my mind was not able to handle subsequent trips and I gave it up, rather than possibly face a lifetime in the Psych ward.
[caption id=”” align=”alignright” width=”297” caption=”Cover of Remember, Be Here Now”]Turn on, tune in … heal your head? LSD as therapy (


I fell in love with a girl
who picked flowers instead
of arguments and had no 
time for bad things
because she so carefully
curled herself 
against them.  

you were summer recklessness
but you always had these
two rules : stay with me
and dont become a ghost


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Alex Grey and Mario Martinez

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The Walking Drunk (The Walking Dead TV Show Drinking Game)
by TheWarpZone 

Opening Credits - take a shot
Human kill zombie - 1 drink
Zombie kill human - 2 drinks
Human kill human - 3 drinks
Daryl crossbow kill - 3 drinks
Horde of too many zombies - waterfall
Mention dead character - 1 drink
Merle is racist - 1 drink
Dale/Hershel/old man sage advice - 1 drink
Ricktatorship invoked - 1 drink
2 characters totally do it - finish drink
Main character dies - take a shot

Don’t know if I ever mentioned I own a gas mask

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Based off of this thing by this fellow

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Science, Fuck yeah!

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